About Us/ My Story

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Β We want to make every girl feel beautiful. We offer cute dresses, casual tops, bodysuits and even activewear. We want to make every girl feel beautiful in our cute affordable clothing. We thank you for supporting Sisters Boutique from a follower on instagram to a purchase from you guys mean everything to us. Sisters Boutique team thanks you.Β 

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Hello everyone I am Isabel Villalobos, I am twenty years old. I created this boutique to be able to help and provide for my family. My first semester of college I was doing really bad. My grades were really low and I was so stressed out I just wanted to get good grades. I wasn't working because my mom just wanted me to focus in school and I really felt like I was letting my parents down when I saw I wasn't doing too good in school. After my first year of college I had the idea of creating my own boutique. I wanted to do something to be able to help my family. Once I had the idea of creating a boutique I talked to my parents about it and they supported me. They put the money in to help me start my boutique. I'm truly thankful for them. Before I started my boutique I was going through alot I had really bad anxiety and depression. I was like that for a while and starting my boutique helped me with that. I was really happy when I was starting on my boutique because I realized I really loved doing this. This Boutique really means so much to me and I will continue to work on my boutique. Thank you to everyone who is supporting me.Β Β